Private Equity

Private equity is a fast-paced industry driven by a constantly changing economic climate, new investment vehicles, and increasingly stringent regulations. These factors create a host of risks for investment entities, their managers, and their directors—making innovative and customized risk solutions an essential part of any company's risk management plan.

Bullen has followed the evolution of this industry since its inception, developing a comprehensive portfolio of unique coverage solutions tailored to the needs of private investment funds.

Specialized Coverage Solutions

  • Professional liability: Protection against legal actions that allege misrepresentation, mismanagement, or material errors of omission in the disclosure of financial information or performance of an insured fund. Includes the cost of defense.
  • Directors and Officers Liability: Whether a company is public, private, or not-for-profit, its directors and officers are vulnerable to legal action regarding the decisions they make on behalf of their entities.
  • Internet/Cyber Liability: Any organization using the Internet or conducting e-commerce is exposed to a myriad of threats, including libel, defamation, data destruction, and intellectual property disputes. This is an ever-changing area that requires vigilant risk management.
  • Employment Practices Liability: Companies look to Bullen to provide comprehensive solutions in the areas of employment discrimination, harassment, and termination.
  • Fiduciary Liability: In the event of losses to benefit plans, trustees must be protected from allegations of breach of duty or errors and omissions.
  • Crime/Fidelity: Crime in the workplace is an unfortunate fact of life and a potentially devastating event for most businesses. Bullen offers coverage solutions for a wide range of exposures including dishonesty, forgery, theft, and computer crime.
  • Kidnap, Ransom, and Extortion: Entities with international exposure are vulnerable to threats against employees and family members.
  • Customized Solutions: These include representations and warranties, international investments, and portfolio company exposures.