Family Offices

Bullen provides unmatched risk management and mitigation services, leaving family offices and affiliated entities free to focus on other essential activities.

Our comprehensive risk management plans identify family member exposures and reduce the severity of loss, while our systematic approach improves pricing and allows for enhanced coverage solutions.

Bullen's proactive approach means we can provide options and make recommendations after reviewing family dynamics—making office administration easier and helping protect and preserve the family's assets for generations to come.

Specialized Coverage Solutions

  • Management and Professional Liability E+O
  • Fiduciary/Trustee Liability
  • Medical Travel—Concierge Services
  • EPL
  • Property and Collections Coverage
  • Private Security - K+R, Cyber Security
  • Employee Theft
  • Domestic Workers Compensation
  • Worldwide Liability Coverage
  • Yacht and Aviation Insurance-Owner and Non-Owned
  • D+O - For-Profit and Non-Profit
  • Group Excess Liability
  • Outside Directorship