Our Company

The Bullen Insurance Group is a boutique insurance brokerage and risk management firm with a thriving business in personal lines and commercial products. For more than a century we have been among the best in the business at advising high-net-worth individuals and families on the protection of their valuable property. Bullen also has a significant commercial presence, especially among hedge fund and family offices aligned with our sophisticated client base. Increasingly, our commercial clients are moving beyond just property insurance to professional liability protection in the current business climate to include family offices, multifamily offices, and businesses with a wide variety of specialties. Additionally, we offer advice and execution of Group Excess Policies for private or public entities.

Our local offices in New York and Florida have no geographical boundaries. We assist clients with their properties in over 30 states and around the world through our relationships with the finest underwriters in the high-net-worth personal and commercial business.

Our knowledge, sophistication and discretion in coordinating customized insurance programs from the industry's finest underwriters, and our absolute commitment to client service, combine to make the Bullen Insurance Group the premier choice for protection of your personal and company wealth and assets.

Our Heritage

George V. Bullen started the company in 1897 on the Gold Coast of Long Island with the vision of servicing the insurance needs of America's wealthiest families.

Ambrose K. Bullen took over operations from his father in his 20s and ran the company until his early death in 1957. His wife, Mary Bullen, ran the company for ten years until her son was ready to assume the responsibilities of the family business.

George H. Bullen took the company over from his mother after graduating from college and ran it successfully for 40 years. After a brave battle with cancer, George Bullen died on January 28, 2008, handing over the responsibility of running the company to his son-in-law, Matthew.

Matthew Fox joined his father-in-law's firm in 2006. He became President and CEO in January 2007. He and his wife Alicia Bullen Fox purchased the company in 2012. Matthew continues to run the company today.